To explain who we are it’s probably best to talk about what we believe as a church and how we live out those beliefs as a church family.  A phrase that you will hear a lot around First Baptist is “Inwardly Healthy & Outwardly Focused”.  We strive to be a church that is functioning healthily as a family, making disciples of Jesus and growing together in community.  But as we try to reach that goal we recognize that we are also called to be outwardly focused, spreading the message of Jesus beyond our church walls and impacting the world around us.  Finding a balance between those two ideas help us to maintain our purpose while defining our process.  In short, we are devoted to making disciples of Jesus who encounter God, grow in community, and impact our world.

What we call our foundational beliefs are the truths shaping our convictions of how to live out Jesus’ teachings as a church body.  Our first three beliefs are the leadership of Jesus Christ is supreme in all things, the Bible is our guide and authority, and the local church is central to God’s Kingdom purpose.  Below, you can read through all our foundational beliefs. You will also find the portions of scripture that inspire those beliefs.

The foundational beliefs of First Baptist:

The leadership of Jesus Christ is supreme in all things.

The Bible is our guide and authority.

The local church is central to God's Kingdom purpose.

Our primary mission is reprodcuing disciples, leaders, and churches.

God's Spirit produces fundamental change within a person.

Reconciliation with God results in restoration of relationships.

Every person matters to God - physically, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and socially.

You could read about everything we say we are and believe over and over again but the best way to discover what we value and how we live out those values is to come and join in on some of our church activities and witness for yourself what following Jesus at First Baptist looks like!