Our in person worship services and other ministry gatherings are postponed until further notice.  Check out  the links below to see how we can worship together and stay connected. 

COVID-19 FBC Response Update

A RESPONSE FROM OUR STAFF & ELDERS Church family; please help us get the word out regarding steps that we are taking at First Baptist Church. Below are guidelines that we recommend for our entire church family for the next several weeks. Our leaders will be monitoring current events and advisories set forth by our national leaders and health authorities. Our Elder board has two medical professionals on our team to help us understand “best practices” for our physical well-being. Below are steps that we are taking for the health and spiritual well-being of our church family.

DEPENDENCY ON GOD AS OUR PRIMARY RESPONSE Many of us feel like thorough hand-washing and practicing social distancing are first steps of prevention of COVID-19. These and other “best practices” for hygiene and prevention on a physical level are vitally important - - please be informed by CDC and other authoritative agencies. However, our dependency upon Jesus as our protector and provider must take center-stage in our lives and church family right now. Do not neglect either the physical or the spiritual needs in your life during this crisis! Eat well, sleep well, pray, mediate on God’s promises, and place Jesus on the throne of your life. Let’s not forget some of the great Bible stories but lean upon them for strength today. Daniel was thrown into a den of lions for adhering to God’s commands above human leaders in Daniel 6. God delivered him from the jaws of death to the amazement of the crowd. Same is true in Daniel 3 with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. They were delivered by God from the flames of the fiery furnace as a miraculous rescue. The King saw a fourth person in the fire. Read how this amazed the King:

Daniel 3:24–25 (ESV) 24Then King Nebuchadnezzar was astonished and rose up in haste. He declared to his counselors, “Did we not cast three men bound into the fire?” They answered and said to the king, “True, O king.” 25He answered and said, “But I see four men unbound, walking in the midst of the fire, and they are not hurt; and the appearance of the fourth is like a son of the gods.”

God is our LORD amidst ever-present dangers! He can close the mouth of a lion and keep fire from burning the fabric of our clothing! The highest act of dependency and trust was revealed in Jesus as He entrusted His Spirit to our Heavenly Father on the cross. Church, we can trust God to be with us in our time of testing. He calls out to us to place our complete trust and faith in Him in our present reality and eternal future. Practicing good hygiene and listening closely to qualified health professionals (instead of the over-saturated chatting on media sites) will help us navigate these new territories together. We must also trust God with our financial futures, jobs, and businesses during this tumultuous time. Let’s continue with a spirit of generosity in our giving to the LORD, as we serve others in need, and by being a blessing to those around us. Remember that dependency is a verb. It is active and not passive in expression, and it has an ongoing and lasting quality. Actively depending on Jesus can be compared to a branch that is securely adhering to a life-giving vine. These branches bear fruit of the Kingdom because of their dependence upon Jesus! Let’s pray for a harvest of spiritual fruitfulness in our church family!

NO WORSHIP SERVICES OR PROGRAMS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE The church is much more than a group that meets on Sunday. We are the people and bride of Christ. Following the lead of our government and healthcare professionals, we are cancelling Sunday morning worship services through Easter Sunday. Our groups are also encouraged to refrain from meeting during this time – especially those numbering 10 or above. All of our youth and children’s programs will not meet until further notice. We will monitor closely the coming weeks of our social-distancing practices and give updates in June regarding future worship services plans.

WEEKLY MESSAGES & LIFE JOURNALING OPPORTUNITIES Each Sunday we will post a video teaching and encouraging word on our Facebook page, website, You Tube, and our phone app. One of our pastors will speak a message from our series as we would if we assembled as a body in our worship center. Also on this video will be encouraging “next steps” and questions to ponder together as families in your homes. For singles, please try to connect with others to join the discussion – even if so by FaceTime or other media connection. After discussing the questions, we encourage you to pray together. This is a great time to disciple and encourage one another in our own homes. I believe that God’s presence will be powerful as we depend and seek His face together. Let’s embrace this new opportunity. Each Wednesday, we will have a posting by a church pastor or leader’s Life Journal devotion for the day. We encourage you to leverage our church Facebook site as a way for us to communicate in a virtual community the things God is teaching us. Our website and phone App will have our readings for each day accessible for your reference (both Classic and Express readings). With extra time home, we believe that your personal devotion and prayer time as well as family times of seeking God can be greatly enhanced. Take advantage of walking in the Spirit together during this life-altering season. The LORD will meet us in this space!

OFFICE HOURS AND PROTOCOL UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE To safeguard the health of both the office staff and the public, we ask that you limit your access to the Ministry Center (church office). The office will be open Monday through Thursday from 8am to 4:30pm. We will have limited staff in the office during those hours. Additionally, the office doors will remain locked with a doorbell on the front door to notify staff of your presence. Please wait outside the building at which time a staff member will handle the doors/doorknobs. We ask that you utilize social distancing guidelines while in the office (recommended 4-6ft of distance between people).

CONTACT US IF YOU HAVE NEEDS Please don’t hesitate to contact the office if you have any needs that we might be able to help with. Seniors, or anyone else with higher risk health concerns in your household, we have people willing to deliver to your door items that you might need from food to pharmacy. Families, we have volunteers available to help with childcare if you are in a bind with work or responsibilities. Our Pastors and Elders are available to pray for your needs as well – please call the office or send an email with prayer needs. Even though physical contact and meetings are not advisable at this time, we can connect in the Spirit and in supportive ways as a body. Let’s be creative and open to God teaching us new ways to navigate together. Above all, trust the LORD and express love toward fellow believers and neighbors around us through care and service.

You are in our hearts & prayers,

Your Pastors, Staff, and Elders of First Baptist-Kingsburg