First Baptist is excited to introduce a feature of our website called InFellowship.  Infellowship is a secure easy to use online tool that allows you to search the online church directory, securely access and update your own contact information, search for groups and manage group involvement. Infellowship is a feature of Fellowship One, First Baptist’s new church management system.  Click on the image above to create an account along with a brief overview of what InFellowship has to offer and how you can make the most of it.


To create an InFellowship account you can click on the InFellowship link above.  Each individual must sign up with a unique email address to use the system.  User login accounts cannot be shared among household members.  Be sure to check your inbox for a confirmation message with instructions to complete your registration.


InFellowship allows verified attendees and members of First Baptist to search and browse an online directory.  We ask that all attendees opt in to the online directory even if you don’t plan on using InFellowship’s directory feature.  This allows others to contact you.  You can have peace of mind knowing that individuals who are not regular attendees of First Baptist will not have access to any directory information.

This brings us to an important security feature of InFellowship. If you signed up using information we already have on record you will be able to access the online directory right away.  If you don’t see the directory link that’s ok too.  Your new InFellowship account will be matched to your existing information within a few business days.  This assures random people from the internet can’t gain access to your information.


In a day and age where communication information changes often having a convenient option to update your data electronically is a must to make sure we can minister to you in a timely and accurate fashion.  InFellowship allows you to not only update your own contact information but you can also set what information other people see in the online directory.  Use the account link in the upper right corner of the InFellwoship window to update your profile, click on your name to update your profile or click the privacy settings to change what information other people can see.  Your information will never be given to anyone outside the congregation or used in a manner that’s not consistent with our ministry here at First Baptist.


Using Infellowship you can search for and express interest in groups of various types at First Baptist and manage groups you lead.  This gives group leaders and members the ability to interact with one another and care for other members of the group in an easy to use interface.  Click on groups to see the groups you belong to and manage.  More information on group management is available separately for group leaders. 


If you need additional information about the any of the Infellowship features we’ve discussed, please take some time to review any additional content at or email us at  


Thanks and we hope you find InFellwoship to be a useful tool for connecting with the body of First Baptist Kingsburg.