Kingsburg First Baptist is eager to call a Godly man to be our Lead Pastor who “Loves God, loves people, and invites them to follow Jesus.”  We invite you to learn more about who we are and our lead pastor position by looking over the linked documents below. All interested candidates must apply through Converge P3-Pastor | Placement | Process.


Church Description


Kingsburg First Baptist is located in the heart of the Central Valley in California.  Our small rural community is surrounded by agricultural land situated between the Costal and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges.  Kingsburg First Baptist seeks to make disciples that are deeply committed to Jesus Christ and passionately engage in Christ’s mission in the world.


Job Description


The Lead Pastor is to be the spiritual leader of the church having been called by God into full time service for the purpose of proclaiming God’s Word while shepherding and nurturing the local church body. He is the leading member of the Pastoral Staff called by the church congregation for an unspecified period of service. He is expected to lead and direct the team spirit of the staff through fellowship, encouragement, cooperation, prayer support and other appropriate ways, as he serves his Lord Jesus Christ and the church.



What is P3?

Converge is passionate about our churches and our pastors. We believe assisting churches in finding their next pastor is one of the most important services we provide and we’ve been doing it for years with hundreds of churches. P3 brings our acquired knowledge and experience, into a step-by-step process delivered through a simple online tool. Candidates and churches answer the same in-depth questions to explore who they are and thoroughly describe their beliefs and preferences, each forming a comprehensive profile. Candidates are further able to describe themselves through personality and leadership assessments that provides insight into the candidate’s behaviors, responses, challenges and strengths. When the complete picture is painted, the team more quickly discovers the candidate’s individual story. Converge is then able to filter candidates based on the church profile, evaluating if there is a potential good fit, then supporting the team’s further exploration.


First Baptist has created a culture of prayer in the church community, this culture of prayer has continued as we seek a new Lead Pastor. As stated above we are eager to call a godly man to be our Lead Pastor who “Loves God, loves people, and invites them to follow Jesus.” As you enter the process we ask you to join us in prayer for the next steps that God may have for you and for First Baptist. We will also be updating this section so the First Baptist Family and Candidates will be updated with our progress. 




February 24, 2019

The Lead Pastor Search Team continues meeting every other week, processing and preparing interview questions for potential candidates and reviewing the applications that we have received.  We have not identified any one candidate as the one whom we feel is God’s man for our next season of ministry.  We will continue receiving applications up through and until March 15, 2019.  After March 15, decisions will be made as to the candidates who qualify for the next phase of our search which will be Skype interviews with the top 4 or 5 candidates.  Please pray that God would lead and direct us by His Holy Spirit.


January 31, 2019

The Lead Pastor Search Team continues to meet on a weekly basis.  All information regarding our Lead Pastor search is now on the Converge PacWest website and the placement offices of Bethel, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Talbot, Western and Denver Seminaries.  The cut-off date for receiving applications is March 15, 2019.  Currently, the team is reviewing applications, listening to sermons and developing questions for the upcoming interview process.  Continue to pray that God will lead us to the man of God He is even now preparing for us!


Decebmer 23, 2018

The Lead Pastor Search Team met with representatives from Converge to process the results of the congregational survey that was filled out by the congregation. Converge was pleased with the great response from our church family and both the congregation and Leadership believe that the top three qualities and skills to look for in our next Lead Pastor is teaching, visioning and equipping. As we begin to contact potential candidates, please pray that God would lead and direct us by His Holy Spirit.