Old Church, Young Heart


For 116 years, First Baptist has been devoted to growing an internally healthy and externally focused church that makes disciples of Jesus.

Our sanctuary building is 97 years old. It has been the hub of our church’s life and mission, and it is still an indispensable resource, but any building of that age requires considerable maintenance. Unfortunately, for several decades and for a host of reasons, maintenance has been continually deferred. Now we are faced with failing infrastructure systems, critically needed repairs, and basic updating.

Rebuild, Repair, Renew

Today our vital infrastructure, specifically the electrical and the heating and cooling systems, is antiquated and failing. In fact, our HVAC system has long outlived its life cycle, and could catastrophically fail at any time. 

Critical repairs and renovations are also needed in the following areas: stained glass restoration and protection, seating, bathrooms, rain gutters, bell tower, exterior doors, and lighting. Plaster, paint, flooring, and lighting have significantly deteriorated, as the last time these were addressed was the early 1980s.

Add to these, the need for renewal of our staging, stage lighting, sound and video equipment, and the baptistery.

May 2018 Update:

Campaign Commitments

  • 1.2-1.5 Million Dollars (May 2017- May 2020)
  • Total number of Faith Commitments received for 3-year period = 100
  • Faith commitments can still be made! Instead of a 3-year faith commitment, it would be a 2- year commitment. Pick up a commitment card at the Welcome Center or Ministry Center, complete and place in the Sunday morning offering. You may also make an "Over and Above" Faith Commitment right here in the app!

Financial Facts

MadeNew Income May-December 2017    $391,014

MadeNew Income

January 2018    $17,095

February 2018  $48,487

March 2018       $14,870

April 2018          $27,980

May 2018           $11,400

MadeNew Grand Total

Received to Date    $510,846

Renovation and Repair Update

  • The Elder Board approved an expenditure of $5,000 for an architect's rendering* of what the renovated sanctuary might look like wth theater seating, an extended speakers platform area and new audio and video technology. A new nursery behind the overflow seating are will make it possible for new mom's and nursing mothers to enjoy the service privately and discreetly. A floor plan of the enlarged men's and women's restrooms (disabled/abled) will also be provided.
  • We are also getting a rendering* of what the covered outdoor mall area between the sanctuary and C.E. Building might look like with a new Welcome Center around the outside of the east corner of our C.E. Building and a new Resource Center entrance into the current library from the alley way. *These sketches should be available late July!

  • These additional renovations and upgrades depend on the faithful completion of all who have made 3-year Faith Commitments. Additional 2-year commitments will insure that these proposed upgrades can actually happen. If possible, we would like to do some of these cosmetic changes concurrently with the installation of our HVAC system with Mark III which is almost ready to go to the City for permits.

Above all pray that God will direct all our efforts for His glory as MadeNew becomes a reality!

God is so good!

Honoring A Legacy

In 1903, our predecessors worshipped in a 720 squarefoot building. In 1905, they replaced it with a larger building. In 1920, First Baptist took a radical step forward in size and scope by building a church facility that was exceptional in both form and function. This is the same space where we now worship — nearly 100years later.

Our church continues today, as a source of local gospel presence and of global gospel proclamation, providing evidence that God abundantly blessed the vision of those who came before us; undoubtedly more than they could have imagined. Now we, their blessed beneficiaries, are the generation called upon to carry on their legacy. They sacrificed and found God faithful to supply the need. They believed and God exceeded their hope-filled expectations.

Will our commitment honor theirs? Will we also trust God to supply our need and do through us far more than we could ask or imagine?

The MadeNew Initiative

We have created a plan that will, over a 3-year time span (beginning in 2017), address all of the needed renovations, in order to ensure that the sanctuary is not just a cherished treasure, but an effective tool for the church’s mission. 

The overall costs for the necessary renovations will be about 1.2-1.5 million dollars. The plan is to launch the initiative with a 21-Day Prayer Focus: seeking God’s leading, learning to trust Him more deeply to supply our need, and investing sacrificially so that others can be a part of the gospel community God has made at First Baptist.

The 21-Day Prayer Focus will culminate with each family pledging to financially support the MadeNew initiative in whatever way God has led them. We are simply trusting that as God makes us new as His people, He will supply our financial need, and we will see our historic sanctuary made new as well.

What Can I Do?

The MadeNew initiative is much more than a fundraising effort. It is designed to be a spiritual journey — a faith-stretching experience with God. At no time will anyone ask how much you will be willing to give. So what can you do to participate?

Simply this:

  • Will you earnestly pray for God’s direction concerning your role in the MadeNew initiative?
  • Will you ask God to show you what it would look like for you to make a financial faith decision to see more families reached for Christ through First Baptist?
  • Will you boldly obey however God directs you?

Want to help support the MadeNew Initiative?

So that your finaincial support goes towards this initiative, select "Made New Initiative" from the drop down list on the next page. Thanks for your generosity!